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Experience the Luxury Bed and Breakfast in London

21+ is all the extras you get staying at 21 Barclay Road, the Luxury Boutique Bed & Breakfast in London: a true London Victorian Townhouse, with smart comfort just off Fulham Road.


Here at Barclay House, a luxury bed and breakfast in London, we love 5-star boutique hotels, and most of our guests do too! It’s just a matter of them costing too much that hinders our guests from staying in them.


That’s why we’ve designed our guest rooms to offer just about everything that is offered at 5-star boutique hotels a bit further up Fulham Road towards South Kensington. And with a more personal touch

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External view of Barclay House London

Discover the epitome of elegance and comfort at our luxury B&B in London

Barclay House offers an unparalleled luxury B&B experience, combining the charm of a Victorian townhouse with modern amenities and personalised service.


We offer three boutique-styled guest rooms in our large London townhome; there’s no reception desk or extra public space. This means more room and privacy for you.

Barclay House stands out among luxury boutique hotels in London

Offering a unique blend of sophisticated style and intimate atmosphere. Our elegant accommodations feature exquisite decor and top-tier amenities, ensuring a comfortable and indulgent stay. Experience the best of luxury boutique hotels at Barclay House, where every detail is designed to make your stay exceptional.

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